Gone Fishin’3 years ago

This past week, I had to make an extremely difficult decision. This wasn’t a swift decision, but one I’ve been struggling with for months. I’ve decided to leave my position as an SEO Consultant at Distilled.

Gone Fishin’

So what finally rattled me loose?

I have accepted the role of SEO Manager at Big Fish Games here in Seattle. Big Fish is one of the leading casual game developers and distributors. I will be going in-house to lead their SEO initiative. I’ll be working under the VP, Customer Acquisition, Annette Promes, who’s previously worked with companies such as Expedia, Microsoft, and AT&T.

It provides me an opportunity to step into a strategic role, build a strong SEO program, and work on a product I’m passionate about: video games. As someone who has the Hylian Crest from Zelda tattooed on my forearm, this is a new and exciting opportunity for me. The SERPs in the casual gaming market are about to get a lot more exciting.

A Few Other Changes

This means a couple other things will be changing. Unfortunately, I will not be speaking at SMX East. I also had to give up my invitation to speak at the SearchLove event in London. Sadly, this is the second time I’ve lost a speaking gig in London this year. I promise to make it out there one day to see everyone.

This also means that I’ll no longer be blogging as a Distilled SEOmoz Associate, but I have a great relationship with SEOmoz. I wouldn’t be surprised if I still pop in from time to time, even if just on YouMoz. Those guys are awesome.

My blogging and speaking may slow down. I’m not sure how this will play out, but in the immediate future, my focus is to make this transition and really dig in at Big Fish Games. I hope to regularly chime in and write. I’ll likely be making some changes to this domain to accommodate blogging here. I don’t see myself speaking again until 2012.

How to Find Me

Twitter is still a great place: @JustinRBriggs

Or email at Justin [at] justinbriggs [dot] org

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