Entity Search Results

Entities. They’re nothing new in SEO, but over the last year, I’ve been ruminating on how moving into entities should fundamentally be […]

18 Tools to Speed Up Link Building

Link building is full of time consuming, repetitive tasks. I’ve written once before about humanistic scaling, which works great as a strategic […]

Methods for Evaluating Freshness

To set the stage, yesterday Google announced a new “Freshness” Update, which had an effect on 35% of all queries. Barry wrote […]

Phrase Based Indexing and Semantics

Google sometimes does phrase matching even if the search query isn’t in quotes. They’ll also include words that are traditionally considered search […]

Legality of Automated Outreach for SEO

Today on Twitter I had a series of interesting conversations about the legality of outreach, automated prospecting and bulk email harvesting. What […]

Concerns with Link Valuation

I love “link building” but I hate the phrase “link building”. It’s a dated name, just like “SEO” no longer accurately reflects […]

Gone Fishin’

This past week, I had to make an extremely difficult decision. This wasn’t a swift decision, but one I’ve been struggling with […]